I can’t lie. It’s been a little stressful lately.

As I mentioned before, seasons changing bring about a lot of things to get adjusted to. Some good, some bad and a lot that is still to be determined. And I’m not the only one. I know of a few people right now getting use to the way life is now.

When times get like this, I turn to my stress-busters. Those are the sure-fire, never-fail activities that I can do that reduce building anxiety.

For example, in the last three or so years, physical activity has become a refuge for me. I’m a runner; I also practice yoga. So I can pound out ten miles on the trails or go deep into my pigeon pose and lose myself for an hour or so. When I emerge, I feel lighter as though I’ve shed a few ounces of stress.

One of my best friends was going through a particularly stressful time a few months ago, and I kept telling her she needed an outlet. It can’t be watching television or surfing the Internet. Our bodies were made to move and our minds to think. A good stress reliever gets you moving physically, mentally or spiritually.

In a nutshell, you need a hobby. You can work in a garden, go on hike, knit, do a crossword puzzle… anything that pulls the plug and lets the stress drain away.

I know you’ve got stressors in your life. Tell me. What’s your stress reliever? What kind of outlet do you enjoy that helps you feel better?

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