Inspiration Report

As I’ve mentioned, autumn blew in a lot of change for me. Seems like overnight, things were different in every area of life – work, family, relationships, and everything in between. Some were good… really good, like things I’d been praying for. Others were sadly unexpected. There were tearfully goodbyes and joyous hellos. It’s been a grand mix of feelings.

Sometimes days like these can leave you emotionally exhausted. But don’t let the changing winds make you stop appreciating everything around you. After all, you haven’t stepped out of your life; this is your life. Everything that changes and everything that stays the same… it’s all part of your atmosphere and it’s all here for you to marvel at and to learn from.

This is a great song by the Robbie Seay Band. I always listen to it when I need to pause and embrace the moment. There’s nothing quite like breathing in deeply and remembering that this is all part of being very much alive.

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