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You know I’m a fan of TED Talks. These mini lectures can be very interesting and inspiring. This one caught my eye.

Have you considered having less stuff? I mean, really downsize your life? I agree with this speaker that our lives have become quite overgrown. We have so much stuff and then we need big homes to keep all this stuff. Yet, somehow, we’re not happier.

I’ve touched on this once before after reading Gretchen Rubin’s life-changing book The Happiness Project. A good housecleaning can clear the space both physically and spiritually.

Any way, take a look at this video.

What do you think? I love the idea of “edit ruthlessly”. We hold on to too much stuff, acquire even more and expand our spaces to accommodate so much that we don’t need. Let’s try this “less is more” approach and see how much happiness we can let in.

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