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Everybody wants a hero – you know, someone to swoop in and save the day.

That’s why hero stories are so popular. That’s why no Hollywood movie or bestselling novel is complete without one. There always needs to be someone who will rise against adversity, slay the dragon, and get the girl.

We need heroes in real life too. Sometimes you get stuck in a situation that feels hopeless. Perhaps it’s a marriage that is failing or the office that you work in has turned toxic. You’re hoping for a hero to rise up and make everything right. So you pray that someone will step up. You send out the distress signal and cry, “Won’t anyone help us?” And when things don’t get better, you begin to lose hope.

I have news for you. If you feel like your story is lacking a hero, then congratulations. The hero is you.

So many times when calamity strikes, we look to other people to make things better. In actuality, it’s you who has the power to fix things. You can be the one to make changes. Fighting with someone you love? Be the hero that apologizes first. Feeling too much pressure at work? Be the hero that steps up and talks to your boss. Like Ghandi said, instead of waiting for things to change, be the change.

So yes, everybody wants a hero. But who’s willing to be one? Who will don the cape and do the right thing when all seems lost? Will it be you?

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