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Today is World Smile Day. Back in 1963, a Massachusetts artist named Harvey Ball designed the original smiley face and it remains an iconic image of happiness and good will towards others.

Having a smile is not as important as giving one away and that’s the spirit of World Smile Day. It reminds us of random acts of kindness and the power that each of us has to brighten someone else’s day.

So, in honor of World Smile Day, here are a few simple ways to make someone smile.

1. Lend a helping hand. It can be as major as helping a neighbor move into their new home or mowing the lawn of the single mother a few doors down. Do something nice for someone else who could use a little help from a friend.

2. Be chivalrous. This is for ladies and men. Hold open an elevator door for someone a few paces behind you. Pull out chairs. I think this generation should bring back chivalry and make politeness the standard again.

3. Send a card. We’ve forgotten how to do some things with all this new technology. Everyone likes to receive mail that’s not bills or junk. Buy a “thinking of you” card and send it to someone unsuspecting.

4. Cook a meal. I’m big into this one. If I cook for you, it means I care. The preparation of food is an act of love and kindness. Bake a cake from scratch and invite people over for dessert.

What are some others? Post a comment below and share more simple ways to make someone smile.

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