Inspiration Report

Last week, we were talking about the tricks you use to get yourself out of a funk. Here are a few of the responses:

“I always say my ‘thank you’ prayers. The format is just ‘Thank you God for…’ and I list everything positive in my life. I usually do this before I go to sleep at night and often fall asleep before I finish the list.” – Diane

“A little sunshine can help the human chemistry to brighten up. I suffer from Seasonal Depression when the days become long and dark… Surround yourself with full spectrum light, or if possible go outside for 30 minutes each day.” – Ramona

“This may sound odd, but I like to get my haircut! It’s relaxing to get your hair washed and I always leave feeling refreshed and prettier!” – Melissa

“Exercise! Even if you don’t feel like it. It helps clear your mind to be able to better deal with whatever issues you are in the middle of. Those good endorphins are amazing!” – Shelby

“I like to plant flowers (rain or shine), rake leaves, do yardwork and shovel snow to get some of the blues and pent-up energy out. The exercise is great and takes your mind off of other negative things.” – Tree

“I have noticed that music can change my entire mood within just a few minutes. I have certain songs that hit a chord with my emotions. I have my happy songs, energizing songs, just groovin’ songs, etc. Music can be so transforming.” – Rebecca

“I have a little ‘retail’ therapy — anywhere that has a clearance section, even if it’s only a $5 top!!” – Annette

“When I feel depressed, I think of the things I HAVE, not the things I don’t have.” – Kathy

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