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Part of being inspired by your life is not allowing fear to take over. That limiting, anxious, stubborn feeling is literally a killjoy. You don’t want to make decisions based out of fear, because it has negative consequences for both you and the ones around you.

Take, for example, the dreaded argument. Even the kindest person cannot avoid conflict. Most people consider me very calm and balanced, but I’m also very passionate about certain things. I lock horns with people sometimes when the fear and desperate need to be heard surface.

Conflict isn’t a bad thing. It’s how you handle it that counts and a major element is learning the art of calming down.

Not too long ago, we asked you dear Beliefnet readers how you calm down after an argument, and we got some great responses. Read them here.

Do you have anything to add? How do you calm down after a fight? Post your comments below.

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