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Here at the Inspiration Report, I obviously like to focus on the positive things. However, I live in the real world, and I know that every day isn’t rainbows and sunshine. Sometimes, frankly, life is hard; it’s easy to get into a funk and stay there.

So, what do you do when you’re feeling depressed? I have a couple of moves that I pull out whenever I see myself spiraling into the dark side.

Phone a friend. Whether it’s a riveting text message session or a break for coffee, talking with someone always helps. You can vent about your problems or talk about something else entirely. Just knowing someone cares can put a smile on your face.

Get out of the house. Your home can slowly turn from a sanctuary into a prison if you’re not careful. Getting out forces you to interact with others and literally changes your viewpoint. At the very least, it gets your mind off of yourself for a while.

Watch something funny. Laughter is a great rest button for your mood. Curl up with you favorite funny movie or head to your local comedy club. See if a few chuckles won’t lift your spirits.

These are by no means a cure for depression or a surefire ways to eternal happiness. But sometimes, the best you can do is find one reason a day to smile. Let these be a guide.

How do you beat the blues? What are you go-to pick-me-ups? Share them here. I’ll use another blog to pick out the best ones and together we can find new ways to feel better.

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