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Do you have a vision board? A place you can look at that shows images of things you would like to have or accomplish in your life? I’ve just been recently hipped to this whole notion, and I’m excited to start one.

Knowing little about vision boards, I dropped a line to my pal, Gabrielle Bernstein, author of Add More ~Ing to Your Life and the upcoming Spirit Junkie. She said:

Having a vision board helps our clarify your desires. The more clear we are about that which we desire the more we believe we can call it in. The key to manifesting is believing. Therefore having a vision board helps us reinforce our beliefs by holding the vision of our desire in your mind each time we glance at our board.

It really is just that simple. For example, if you wanted to travel to Italy one day, you could post a picture of the Italian flag or a map of Rome. Let’s say you want to own a pet grooming business. Put up a picture of a fluffy dog with ribbons on her ears. It’s all about picturing what it is you want to see happen in your life.

I like the sound of that. I want a whole vision wall full of pictures showing books, guitars and wedding bouquets.

So what about you? What would you put on your vision board?

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