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I’m still thinking about the idea of bucket lists and to-do lists. When I sent out last week’s blog, a family friend sent me the name of John Goddard, and I can’t believe I haven’t heard of him before.

Sky dive, deep dive, kayak, mountain climb, read the Bible cover to cover, compose music… When he was a teenager, Goddard wrote down a list of 127 goals that he wanted to achieve. Today, he’s in his late 80s and has accomplished much of his life’s ambitions. And he even beat cancer.

This guys has done it all, and he did it on purpose.

Check out this old Dateline NBC report on John Goddard, the man who’s taken life by the horns and lived it fiercely.


“To dare is to do, to fear is the fail.” Powerful stuff. I hope this inspires you today to give this life all that you’ve got and never settle for anything less than a great adventure.

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