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The other day, I was watching some old TV shows on my laptop. I love stand-up comedy and found an archive of old Comedy Central specials. It was all my favorite comics in some of their early performances. I laughed ’till I cried.

A few of the comics really caught my eye, because I realized how much they changed over the years. In some cases, I was astonished at how much they’d accomplished. I watched one comic in particular and thought, ‘Seven years from now he’s going to sell out Madison Square Garden. A couple of years later, he’ll be on Oprah. Right now, he doesn’t have a clue.’

There were several stories like this as I watched the young comics. One was destined to be one of the few female late night talk show hosts. Many would go on to movies and long-term stints on Saturday Night Live.

It got me excited to see their stories unfold, and it got me thinking about the future.

Statistically speaking, some of you reading this blog who claim to be perpetually single are probably a year or two away from getting married.

You’re sitting in a cubicle today wondering when you’ll get the corner office, but in the future you own a business and work for yourself.

You might be waiting on a child and not even know that you’ll be pregnant by the holidays (I’ve seen it happen; I once interviewed a girl who struggled for years with infertility only to get pregnant by the time the article published).

Do you see what I mean? Miracles, comeback stories… they happen all the time to every type of person. The life you’ve been praying for is nestled sweetly in the future… and it’s waiting for you to arrive.

If you have hope in your heart for the next big thing to come your way, be encouraged today. You may very well be on your way to greatness and seeing those dreams come true. Be diligent in the present and get ready because tomorrow will come sooner than you think.

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