I like to highlight different organizations that are making the world a better place or simply bringing do-gooders to the forefront. It’s inspiring for us all to know that everyone can make a difference and here are a few who are.

From Charlie Sheen’s outrageous “winning” behavior to up-to-the-minute media coverage of Lindsay Lohan’s trips to court, you’d think all celebrities do is entertain the world with their wild antics. However, what doesn’t make the news so readily is all the good that people in power do for others. That’s why I like the Web site “Look To the Stars: The World of Celebrity Giving“.

The site offers celebrity charity news that is more redeeming than the salacious headlines of TMZ and E! Online. For example, neo-soul British singer Amy Winehouse, often known for drunken run-ins with the law, donated £20,000 worth of clothing to a shop in London. Rapper Snoop Dogg has a Youth Football League that began in California, but has recently expanded to Chicago in order to offer youth an alternative to street violence. Also, the site shows the celebrities, such as legendary guitarist Santana and the Foo Fighers’ Dave Grohl, who are offering relief to the victims of the Christchurch earthquake.

Check it out at www.looktothestars.org.

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