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Many people remember Terry Cole-Whittaker as a self-help evangelist of the eighties who preached prosperity and personal responsibility. She has shed that persona yet continues to  teach some of the same values, helping people get a grip on their own minds. She travels the world speaking to both spiritual andentrepreneurial groups. Her five bestsellers have earned her coverage in allmajor print, radio, and television media. Her newest book is Live Your Bliss: Practices that Produce Prosperity and HappinessHere are some of her thoughts on the new book.

You say that the people of the world are having difficulties becausethey are not happy.  What do you mean by this?

People make their decisions based on their thoughts and emotions.Thoughts are creative and every action will have a reaction. When people areunhappy, meaning they are feeling bad, angry, resentful, or jealous then theywill speak and act in a way that matches those thoughts and feelings. On theother hand, when people are feeling good, their actions will correspond. Happypeople want others to be happy, whereas, unhappy people usually want others toalso be unhappy.

How can people prosper in all the financial difficulties around theworld?

First we need to know what the word prosperity means in the context thatI am speaking. Prosperity is about going forth to do what we desire withenthusiasm. What usually happens is that people think, “If only I had the moneythen I would….” This gives money the power to let us go forth or not go forthto do what we want. The thought and belief that we do not have enough or wewill not have enough to be happy and comfortable in the future stops us fromgoing forth. In reality, though, all things are possible when we begin with thefirst step and then continue. We are more powerful than money, for the humanmind power is limitless in potential.

You say that the mind is the greatest terrorist weapon ever invented.Can you explain?

We frighten ourselves in our own minds by our thoughts when we believethe fear and lack-based words of others. When fear is being generated, unless aperson knows the powers he or she possesses, the person will believe what isbeing said and will act on these beliefs and thus create the very things theyfear. This is the power we each have.

In your book you write that “we are the bliss of the universe.” Whatdoes this mean?

The nature of each soul according to Eastern wisdom is eternity,knowledge, and bliss. Anyone can prove this by their own experience once theyknow how to allow this quality to express through them. Because bliss is partof the nature of a soul, anyone can have as much bliss as she desires becauseit is not given to us by others — we have it and either stop it or allow it toflow abundantly.

How are all negative emotions destructive?

Negative emotions are manufactured by us and not given to us by othersor by the conditions in which we find ourselves. These kinds of destructiveemotions stem from thoughts of past and future lack. They disempower us and makeus feel miserable.  There is never a needto feel miserable. It doesn’t create improvement. It only worsens thesituation.

Why don’t other people have anything to do with our happiness orunhappiness?

Others are not inside of us. Each of us lives in our own bubble or worldof consciousness, emotions, and experience. It’s our evaluation and reaction towhat others are saying and doing that affects us.  

What do you mean that we are prosperity? Isn’t prosperity something thatwe get with money?

Money was and is created by human beings, so human beings are morepowerful than money. Money does not create humans or life on earth or theuniverse. Prosperity is a state of mind of enthusiasm and confidence, and whatmost do is believe that the money will give them enthusiasm and confidence.They give money the power instead of giving it to themselves.

What do you mean that people are depriving themselves of the sweetnessof life?

We are pleasure seekers and what is more pleasurable than sweetness inour relationships, the beauty of nature, and delicious desserts including honeyand fruits. With the propaganda against natural sweetness and the advertisingcampaign in favor of artificial and laboratory created substitutes as if thenatural is dangerous and the artificial is safe, people’s bodies are sick, andthey are missing sweetness in every aspect of their lives. 

You say we are entering a Golden Age. what does this mean and what makesyou say this?

 So many changes are happening globally, galactically, and universally.Ages are always in a constant state of change and this is also influenced byour thoughts and consciousness. The universe is a machine and works in cyclesthat repeat themselves over and over eternally. Just as there are 4 seasons thatrepeat, there are galactic cycles signs are of death of the old and the birthof the new, a new spring and thus golden age of universal prosperity and love.

What do you mean that the information that you share in your book willsolve all personal and global problems?

When we understand how life works, the laws of life and work in harmonywith them, then our lives are harmonious, but when we misuse these laws we getthe reverse affect. I share these laws and how to use them for our benefit andthe benefit of all.


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