We came across a very cool New Year’s gift idea called “The Lifeboard.” It is basically an elegant game board that highlights the areas of life that most people are interesting in enhancing. It encourages you to create a vision map/treasure map to your dreams.


A cross between motivational workbook and an arts and crafts project, it is a lot of fun to cut out the images of the life you choose and paste them on the board. Like a guided visualization, it helps you focus on making those things your reality.


“Lifeboarding,” also called “vision boarding” or “dream boarding,” has long been used by celebrities, sports figures, and business leaders. With The Lifeboard, people from all walks of life can use this technique to visualize their future and reinforce their goals while creating
a uniquely self-reflective work of art. After identifying and prioritizing their goals through journaling, it’s time to get crafty! You then dig through photo albums and stashes of mementos, clip pictures and quotes from magazines, collect favorite affirmations and poems, and bring them all to the board. Place the images, objects, and words that represent you on the nine key


Although I don’t think it is billed in this way, I recognize them as the nine key areas of the Feng Shui Bagua. “The lifeboard” points you in the direction to activate success in these areas of your life:


Family and Health

Prosperity and Wealth

Success and Fame

Love and Marriage

Children and Creativity

Friends and Travel


Knowledge and Education


If you want love, put an image of a great romance in the “Love and Marriage” area. If you want a better job, visualize it in the “Career” area, and so on.


After decorating your Lifeboard, sit back and soak in the visual effects. The creators say it will expand your self-awareness, reveal exciting possibilities, and lead you from your past into a promising future.


It’s been fifteen years since the creators of “Life Board”–Sue Shifrin-Cassidy, Linda Blum Huntington, and Eva Adrienne Anderson– first started “Lifeboarding,” in their own lives and they have many success stories to tell!  Now, they’re taking the techniques that got them to where they are today and sharing them.  


It’s a fun gift for creative friends and relatives, and folks who believe in the power of visualizations and writing down your goals.

See an inspiring video by the creators at thelifeboard.net.


The Lifeboard: Follow Your Vision. Realize Your Dreams (Chronicle Books; January 2011; $22.95) by Sue Shifrin-Cassidy, Linda Blum Huntington, and Eva Adrienne Anderson. It is billed as a tool where your deepest desires and wildest dreams can become your reality.

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