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Leicester Square was turned into a Narnia Wonderland tonight,

Narnia symbolism like torch light and fake snow was joined by real snow that fell upon the freezing actors as they did interviews on the red carpet–many in beautiful dresses that were not covered by coats. Even they were fairly overwhelmed that their film had pretty much taken over the popular London area around Empire Cinemas.

Getting to the theater from the bus that brought members of the media was as much of an adventure as the movie.

We entered a winding road from a side block, proceeded past the area where actors where doing red carpet interviews, curved around toward the theater on a red carpet that seemed to snake on forever. Suddenly, we were crossing a street and WOW, we were at the theater.

Well-wishers and fans lined the shorter red carpet that led right into the theater. It was slightly surreal walking in, with one of the young actors of the film not far behind.

It was dark out, and snowing, but I grabbed some images to give you sense of what things looked liked.

Hollywood magic turned Leicester Square, a busy shoping and dining area, into a Narnia environment–with Narnia posters hanging on the Christmas lights and red carpet that went on forever. But soon as the movie was done, so was the specialized treatment-red carpet GONE and Narnia Christmas decorations taken down!


Thumbnail image for IMG_2215.JPG

IMG_2230.JPGNo more red carpet. Soon as the movie was over, so was the red carpet in front of the theater! 

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