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Guest Blog by Grant Virtue

During the beginning stages of Angel Words, before the book was even a concept in our minds, we discovered that the words we use have a very particular and individual shape.

Angel Image.jpgNormally of course we cannot see these shapes, but when we were recording the first Podcast in Doreen Virtue’s Archangel Podcast series we happened to notice that on the digital graph our recording software displayed the word “Archangel” looked like an angel.


Obviously this brought up a few questions in our mind. We finished up the podcast series but that important piece of information was never far from our minds. We came up with a rather large list of test words, positive, neutral and negative and sought out whether what we had come across was simply a fluke or if the shape of our words really was an indication of the power of the word themselves.


The rest as they say is history, we did discover that positive words are displayed very large while negative words and phrases do not seem to carry much energy at all. Just to make sure we were not throwing ourselves off by our opinion of the words we decided to say some positive words with less than positive intentions and feeling behind them. It didn’t seem to matter all that much, they were still displaying as we came to expect positive words to display.


The power of these words was what finally convinced us that speaking in positive terms really has a benefit in our lives. If we are seeking to change ourselves and the world we want to use the most effective means possible. The negative words were so small and so weak that almost no amount of use of them could possibly benefit us. Because these words are essentially sound waves they do have mass and do interact with everything they come into contact with. A positive word with lots of energy behind it is going to change things in far greater manner than a low energy negative word.


It would be very easy to take this theory and become some sort of well meaning thought
Virtue Grant.jpg
police. After all, the negative things that other people say around you do impact you; the sound waves they produce come into direct contact with your person. However, I believe the most important lesson to take away from this discovery is that our positive words are so much more powerful that even a small handful of people changing the way they say things can exact a much greater change and produce much more power than even a large amount of people speaking negatively.


This change in a person’s manner of speaking does have some practical considerations as well. Most people, ourselves included, prefer to spend our time around people who are happy. When someone is continually speaking negatively and complaining we find it isn’t much fun to be around them, and aside from a desire to help them we won’t make as much time for them as we would someone in whose company we enjoy. Numerous studies have shown how people with a positive outlook on life generally have happier and more successful experiences throughout their lives.


We do understand that some people may greet this theory with a bit of skepticism, and that is fine. This book was written with the air of discovery about it — often times with the words we were very surprised by the results. Those words are included because you, dear reader, deserve to see the complete picture. However if you have lingering doubts we invite you to put it to the test. Try for just one week (a very small investment of time) to be consciously aware of the way you speak and see where you be more positive. I assure you that you will be pleased by the results.


Ultimately the reason we feel that it is important to remember to speak positively is that you create within yourself the power to change yourself and the world for the better. The truly sad thing about speaking negatively is not that it hurts you much, but that every negative word is a missed opportunity for growth and change. You have the power to make the world a better place; you need only speak the word.


Grant Virtue, along with Doreen Virtue, is co-author of Angel Words: Visual Evidence of How Words Can Be Angels in Your Life (Hay House, November 2010). 

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