Inspiration Report

Guest Blog by Robert “Mr. Happy” Moyers

1. Raise your right hand. Repeat after me. I
promise, to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.


2. Start each day with joy. Declare the day
Super Saturday, Super Sunday, Merry Monday, Terrific Tuesday, Wonderful
Wednesday, Terrific Thursday, Fantastic Friday!

3. Give and receive happy, healthy,
handshakes, high-fives, and hugs with as many people as possible.

4. Don’t give permission for the mad, bad,
and sad feelings and emotions to take away your glad. Laugh, love, and make a
joyful noise and sing.

5. If you know God loves you, raise your
right hand. If you know that God accepts you, raise your left hand. If you know
that God forgives you, move one foot. If you love, accept and forgive others,
raise both hands, move both feet, and say Hooray!

6. When you do something bad or wrong, go
and tell someone, “I am wrong. I am sorry. Please forgive me.”

7. Always say these happy words: Thank you.
Please. Your welcome.

8. Say “I love you” as many times as you can
each day.

9. Always ask God to forgive you and always forgive
others every day so you will not lose your joy and happiness. Say these words
of forgiveness: Please forgive me. Please forgive them. Help me to forgive
them. Please take away my anger and bitterness. Please restore my joy and
happiness. Bless those who have hurt me. Please help me to forgive myself.

10. Always remember the happy word “we”. We
belong to the family of God. We have the power to love one another as God loves
us. When God made us, God said we are very good. God always tells the truth.
God loves us no matter what even when we make mistakes and do dumb, stupid
things. We are the family of God.

Robert Moyers goes by the name “Mr. Happy” because he is all about
sharing joy and optimism. As founder of the Center for
Unconditional Love and National Forgiveness Day, he encourages people to trade
stress for joy and faith.  These 10 tips
were reprinted with permission from his website.

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