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Guest Blog by Alexander Garrett

Be An Angel Day 2010 is just around the corner, on August 22nd. This holiday has been around since 1993,  and is in the 17th year of its existence.

Angel.jpgBe An Angel Day is, well, about being an angel and doing good deeds for people. 

Behind every holiday there is a brilliant mind, and this mind belongs to Jayne Howard Feldman. A religious woman, Ms. Feldman says that she was inspired by actual angels to create this day, in which the good deeds that are done are done in God’s name.

The type of good deed you do on this day can be any type: physical, emotional or spiritual.

Remember, while this is a day we all become angels, let the angelic aura never leave your life, and do help people whenever needed, not just on this very special day.

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