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Whether it means reinventing yourself within your field or changing career paths entirely, don’t you deserve to find a job that makes you happy? 


Dr. Michael Finkelstein has guided countless people to more balanced lives through his celebrated Skillful Living concept, and he emphasizes the importance of applying its principles to our work lives as well.  Finkelstein experienced a major career transition himself when he left his position as the Medical Director of Northern Westchester Hospital to pursue more holistic, intuitive medicine and open the SunRaven wellness center.


He offers these tips for building the faith and courage necessary for getting out of a dead end job or unemployment slump:


Change your definition of success:  Success is not necessarily measured in titles and wealth.  Is your current definition your own, or someone else’s?


Reassess your financial needs:  Look at your material and financial goals. Why are you working so hard to acquire the things you want?  Clarifying your financial needs will give you the freedom to make career decisions that are not based entirely on money.


Consider a baby step:  Even of you are unhappy with your career, identify what it is about it that you like.  Perhaps there is something different you can do in the same field, or a related one.  Often, fear of taking “too big a step” is what holds us back.


Consider a range of possibilities:  Unsure of your alternate professional interests?  What’s the last thing you did that made you feel good?  What section of the newspaper do you read?  What’s your favorite store to go shopping in?  What do you enjoy hearing about from your children?  Think about the last thing you googled, or the last word you looked up, and why.  What interested you in the topic enough to take that extra step?


Align your body with your goals:  In Chinese medicine, courage comes from the lung meridian. Get in touch with your courage by doing breathing or yoga exercises.


Ask the right questions: Rather than focusing on how much money a job will make, for example, ask yourself if it’s the kind of job that will be fulfilling and add value to your life. 


Choose your “major:” If you’re not sure what you would be good at, think about when you were in college.  What was your first thought for a major?  Can you combine your current skill sets with that early passion?


Envision perfection:  Fantasize about a life that would be perfect in every way.  You’ll establish the intention and in so doing will create a new path for yourself. 

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