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It’s an indispensable tool, a valuable fashion asset and a source of all manner of important things like breath mints, a safety pin to fix a broken zipper, or keys to entertain a toddler. A woman’s purse is a collector of things – and sometimes those things are downright unhealthful.



According to recent studies, a woman’s purse ranks as one of the top ten germiest items we come in contact with on a regular basis. Ironically, a woman’s handbag is also the place where she carries her wealth and financial power.


Is your purse a symbol of wealth or is it a danger to your health? Maybe it’s a little of both.


Interestingly, for women, a purse is often a symbol of the self. An attractive, organized purse makes us feel better and more in control of our lives.  When our purses are a mess and we can’t find anything, we feel lost and our bank accounts often reflect that scattered state.


Simply put, a purse with good feng shui is a purse that is organized, a handy resource, and supports its principal purpose: holding your money and financial wherewithal.


Read these tips to get your purse in tip top feng shui shape — and make you more prosperous!


1. Elevate your purse.  
You’d never see a man put his wallet on the floor, yet women put their purses on the floor all the time – in the restroom, at restaurants, at work. Always keep your purse elevated and off the floor. And never, ever, put it on the floor of the restroom. Hang it on a door hinge or the corner of the door. A great idea is to buy a purse hanger for those times when you want to put your purse down, but not on a floor.


2. Keep it clean. 
Resist the temptation to throw gum or food wrappers, bits of paper or used tissues into your purse. What does it say when you carry trash in the same place as your money? Garbage should go in a trashcan and never into a purse.


3. Mind the change.  
Avoid throwing change into your purse where it will fall to the bottom of the bag. This is disrespectful to money. If it’s too inconvenient to put change into a zippered coin compartment in your wallet, buy an old fashioned coinpurse that makes collecting change easy – and getting it out for tolls or parking meters — convenient too.


4. Be prepared. 
Carry a small safety pin, a tiny container of dental floss, a small notepad with pen, a small pocketknife, highlighter pen and bottle of eye drops. Little items that make your purse a point of refuge in the world make you love your purse even more. Better still, when someone has a broken zipper they will forever remember you and your purse of wonders! Lastly, carry a $100 bill, but don’t spend it. Having a purse (and some cash) at the ready helps you be prepared for financial surprises.


5. Activate your purse. 
If you see pretty hanging Chinese ornaments or tassels put some of these on your purse. These hangers are great for pumping up the feng shui volume of your purse and activating it for wealth. Choose hangers that appeal to you and that look especially pretty and coordinated. Yes, pretty is good feng shui!


6. Buy thoughtfully. 
Like a bra, never buy a purse just for the fashion name or for how it looks. Make sure the purse hangs on your shoulder comfortably, and like a good bra, stays there. Even better, find a purse with enough compartments to hold small items like pens, your cell phone, and other items you need to get to quickly. Make sure you can easily close your purse for security sake, that you can find what you need and that the purse is working for you, not the other way around.


7. Use a key keeper.  
These small hooks fit onto your purse and keep you from fishing around for your keys, which can endanger you if you’re trying to find them at night in an empty parking lot. By hanging on the edge of your purse, you can access your keys faster and more easily. This says you can find your way financially too.


8. Avoid wallet clutter. 
Get a wallet that helps you stay organized with your money. Your money should be easily arranged, not rammed into a wad, and your credit cards should be easily accessible. Also, have only as many credit cards as you absolutely need. Too many credit cards becomes a financial trap, a credit score nightmare, and, well, clutter. When the clerks ask if you want one of the store-name-credit cards, tell them “No thanks; I’m cutting down on wallet clutter.” Who can argue with that?


9. Buy a purse in your personal wealth color.  
Selecting a purse in a color that resonates with your personal wealth energy will help stimulate your wealth and money-making opportunities. If you don’t want to buy a purse in your personal wealth colors, other good options include red, metallic, white, black, and blue. Greens are also fine and a nice choice in 2010. The best choice for the year? Blue.


10. Pursue love. 
The No. 1 feng shui rule for your purse? Don’t buy it unless you absolutely love it – and then treat it that way. Keep it clean, organized, and off the floor. Your money mojo will be activated and you’ll have more to spend and save. Show some purse love!


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Kathryn Weber is the publisher of the Red Lotus Letter Feng Shui E-zine and certified feng shui consultant in classical Chinese feng shui. Kathryn helps her readers improve their lives and generate more wealth with feng shui. For more information visit http://www.redlotusletter.comand learn the fast and fun way how feng shui can make your life more prosperous and abundant!

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