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Judy, Carol, and Deb were sisters who didn’t grow up together and had never met each other until recently. 

Judy, 61, had been adopted as a baby when her birth parents couldn’t afford to raise her.  Carol and Deb were born to the same parents years later.  Growing up, Judy didn’t know anything about her birth parents, but Carol and Deb knew about Judy.  Their mother would tell Carol and Deb about the sister they never met.

When Judy’s adoptive parents passed away, she discovered an adoption check signed by her birth mother.  With her birth mother’s name, Judy went on a genealogy website to locate her birth parents.  At the same time, Deb posted a message on another website looking for Judy.  Amazingly, it took a stranger to see both postings and connect them with each other.

The three sisters bonded over the phone and over emails before meeting in St. Louis, Missouri where Judy lives.  All three women are more than just sisters because of their similar looks and mannerisms; they all enjoy the same hobbies–reading, cooking, baking, and gardening.  Judy even discovered that her grandfather was a U.S. Marshal, a fact made more amazing since she just retired as a police officer.

Calling herself “the luckiest person in the world,” Judy was touched forever by the miracles and blessings that have come her way.


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