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Google’s logos, first introduced in 1999, have brought a smile to people’s faces with their colors, artistry, and unique designs.  Logos have promoted everything from major holidays to the anniversary of inventions to famous birthdays. 

Today, Google launched a series of backgrounds you can select to customize your Google homepage (the background automatically changes as you refresh, but you can also click on a link in the lower left corner to change the image).  Like Google’s logos, the backgrounds are vibrant and bright-hued and fun. 

There are photos of artwork by famous artists such as Jeff Koons, best known for creating gigantic metal sculptures of balloon animals, and Dale Chihuly, best known for creating tentacle-like glass sculptures.  Photos of works by Polly Apfelbaum, a large-scale paper artist, Tom Otterness, a metal sculptor of cartoon-like people and animals, and Yann Arthus-Bertand, a photographer of aerial landscape shots, are also featured.

Instead of a plain search page, who wouldn’t want to wake up to cheerful images of metal balloon animals, floors full of paper flower petals, and chubby, pastel-colored pigs by Ki-soo Kwon?  You can refresh the homepage and refresh your day at the same time, allowing the small things to make your day just a bit more colorful.

See some of the Google background photos below:


Jeff Koons


Dale Chihuly


Polly Apfelbaum


Tom Otterness


Yann Arthus-Bertrand


Ki-soo Kwon

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