Inspiration Report

There’s a popular saying that goes, “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.”  In Colin Goodwin’s case, he turned a prank from his coworkers into a thriving business!

As the general manager of a furniture store in Oakland Park, Kansas, Goodwin drove a company-leased car.  He had kept the car in good condition and was ready to return it before the lease ended when his bosses said the car needed to be detailed.  However, instead of the car coming back good as ever, it came back transformed into a pseudo-ice cream truck–with yellow display stickers and a lullaby soundtrack.

Even though Goodwin still has to return the car in pristine condition, he decided to embrace his temporary new role as an ice cream man.  He began wearing a cap and apron, stocking his trunk with cold treats, and selling ice cream on the streets.  His customers include fellow coworkers, children, and strangers who spot him on the highway. 

By not getting angry and selling ice cream instead, Goodwin was able to keep his cool in more ways than one and even acquired a nice side job making extra cash.  As Goodwin told KCTV, “Now this is how you build employee morale.”


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