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Good news for New York and for all the world. Another sigh of relief.


Times Square was evacuated briefly Friday afternoon after a suspicious package was found a few blocks from where the failed SUV bomb was parked on Saturday night.  According to local reports, the package was a small white cooler which contained water bottles and was abandoned near 46th street and Broadway. Thankfully, the package was harmless and police ended the temporary Evacuation of Times Square at approximately 2:20 PM EST.


The lesson in all this is that with the heightened tension brought about by the failed terrorist attempt we must keep our composure and not give in to fear. This is a good time for all of us to find inner strength and develop a keener sense of our surroundings and our feelings.


Chances are none of us will ever encounter a “suspicious” package but an awareness of what to do will empower us to protect ourselves and others and restore our feelings of confidence.


Here are the steps to take if you spot a “suspicious” package:


• Do not panic.  Chances are the package is harmless but do be cautious and diligent


• Do not attempt to pick it up, open it or move it in any way


• Do not attempt to touch it


• Do alert others in the area, calmly and with a sense of control


• Do immediately call 911 or alert authorities near the scene


• Leave the area and follow the directions of authorities


 These few steps will not only protect you and others but also make you an empowered citizen.


Let’s all enjoy the beauty and majesty of our country with our heads held high and in unity against those who would make us feel any less about ourselves.

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