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What is Memorial Day about?
Today, Donna Trussel of AOL posted a stirring article about the famous photograph of Mary McHugh prostrated on the grave of her late fiance, James Regan, taken by photo journalist John Moore three years ago.
It is heartbreaking to see and yet important to look at. It speaks volumes about what Memorial Day 2010 is all about. And it reminds us that for every fallen hero we remember, honor and thank for his or her service to this country, is a real life story of a heartbroken family left behind–wives, girlfriends, mothers, fathers, siblings and children.
She posts John Moore’s own words about covering Arllington National Cemetery and shares two other stories of the family members left behind. These are out of the 5,400 stories of our Iraq-Afghanistan fallen soliders.
This video of soldiers being brought home is heartbreaking. We pray for those who have been killed in service to this country and the families who must now learn how to go on without them.

Fallen Army Sgt. Ronald A. Kubik returns home
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