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These Mother’s Day poems are dedicated to my mom, Shirley Brockway, our family matriarch.

She was an only child but has three daughters, who have given her 12 grandchildren and 16 great grandchildren.

The grandkids call her Dee-Dee.

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My mom has always been a powerhouse of energy and wisdom.  She is an amazing humanitarian and for as long as I can remember has been helping people who often cannot help themselves.

My dad used to say that all the birds with broken wings would fall at her feet.

My mother worked full time running a senior citizen center, until last year. She retired last year. Now, she is volunteering at a senior center. She is all about helping and doing for others.

So as a tribute for Mother’s Day 2010, I wrote these mothers day poems from a daughter for her. Maybe when she reads them she will forgive me for revealing her age. (Honestly, Mom, you don’t look it!)

My Inspiration
You are my inspiration.
And role model.
From you I learned:
And Love.
Deep abiding love.
You have given love so freely,
With such deep commitment,
And you are willing to parent us all, still,
And be a guiding light, still,
To all your children and grandchildren.
You have always supported us and helped us.
You have always been there.
The constant Northern Star.
And voice of reason in our heads.
And the one who can listen endlessly to our joys.
And our problems.
Always a shoulder to cry on,
Always ready with a round of applause for successes,
As well as a mini lecture when needed.
And always showing us what it is to say YES to life!
I am the mother I am
Because of the mother you have always been.
I am the woman I have become
Because you showed me what a woman could be.
I love you, always. 
With gratitude, your daughter

-Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway

You Deserve Great Things, Mom

For all the bread you cast upon the water,
May it  come back toasted and buttered.

For all the good you have done to help others,
May you always be on the receiving end
of goodness and good deeds,
and may all your needs be met.

For all the youth and optimism you have put into aging,
May you always be healthy and vibrant
and able to do what you love and enjoy,
And may your activities fun and fulfilling.

For all the food you have brought to comfort others,
May you eat what you love and enjoy each meal,
And never worry about calories.

For all the strength you have shown,
May others be inspired by it and
may it be shared back with you any time you need it.

For all the tears you have dried
May there be that many less for you to cry, ever.

For all the broken-winged people you have tried to fix,
May you always be surrounded by the gratitude of
Those you help and their families.

For all the love you have shared
May you always be surrounded by even more,
Forever and always.

This is my special wish for you:

May there always be a container, plastic bag
Or piece of tin foil available to collect all the
Delicious extra food in the world so you
Can put it in your  freezer and continue to
Feed anyone who walks in that door. ?

May life always be sweet and may you always know you are loved.

-Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway
First line of this poem borrowed from my sister, Nikki Fiske

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