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If you lost your job, would you dress up in a suit, put on a poster board, stand on a street, and hand out your resume to strangers?

If you are 60-year-old Paul Nawrocki, you would.  In fact, when Nawrocki was laid off in February 2008 as a toy company executive, he did exactly that–standing on the streets of New York City and handing out resumes to passerbys in hopes that a potential employer would notice and hire him.

To inspire and encourage himself, Nawrocki would remember the Serenity Prayer by Reinhold Neibuhr: “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change / courage to change the things I can / and wisdom to know the difference.”

In 2009, a career coach contacted him to offer advice on how to increase his chances of finding a job; in 2010, Nawrocki’s patience and perseverance was rewarded when he was hired to be an operations manager at Fantasma, a magic trick company. Even though Nawrocki is making less money than he used to, he is happy to be back in the work force with the chance to resolve his family’s increasing financial issues.

Besides Nawrocki’s clever and innovative way of finding a job, he is inspiring for consistently keeping a positive and hopeful attitude.  “I was never embarrassed or humiliated. Why would I be embarrassed to ask for work?  I wasn’t out there with a tin cup. I was only asking for an opportunity.” (

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