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It’s National Stress Awareness Month this April 2010. Woo-hoo, time to celebrate our stress!

Oops, I meant it is time to identify and begin to reduce stress. Right along with spring cleaning, you can do some “stress cleaning” and stress reduction. 

The month is almost over but you still have time to do some National Stress Awareness spring cleaning today and tomorrow.

This is the 18th year that April has been designated National Stress Awareness Month. During thus 30 day period, the Health Resource Network (HRN), the founders, head-up an effort to rally health care practitioners to “inform people about the dangers of stress, successful coping strategies, and harmful misconceptions about stresses that are prevalent in our society.”

I am completely aware of how stressed I am. And I know a lot of people who are aware of how stressed out they are. The biggest problem with stress is the people who stress me out.  I don’t think they are aware of it. (Smile)

“Even though we’ve learned a lot about stress in the past twenty years,”says Dr. Morton C. Orman, M.D., Founder and Director of HRN, “we’ve got a long way to go. New information is now available that could help millions of Americans eliminate their suffering.”  

I have an idea for eliminating our stress and suffering too. Name it. Bless it. Let it go. And pick one thing you can do to bring a little stress relief. Here’s an example.

Name your stress:

My work is stressful at this time.

Bless your stress:

I am grateful to be able to do work I love and work with talented people. I bless my job, my co-workers, my boss, my superiors, all the departments of this company and my friends here. I bless this business, that is may succeed on the highest levels and that all who work here may be successful and fulfilled. I bless those who have stressed me out, knowing that they have reacted out of their own stress. Amen.

Let it go:

I recognize that these are stressful times and I let my small and large stresses go.  I toss it over to God and know I am not alone. 

What will you do for stress relief?:

I will take 10 minutes today to reflect on all I am grateful for and I will work even harder to make sure I do my job as best I can. I will say thank you to someone who did something nice for me.  (Or get a massage and an ice cream, reduces your stress).

Let us know what is stressing you and one thing you can do to relief stress today.


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