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Tired of family movie night? Try a family book blog night.

A family of four in Milburn, New Jersey is connecting together as a family through their shared love for books and blogging.

To inspire their two girls (Lauryn, 11, and Sami, 9) to hold on to their love for reading, Mara and Dave Lateiner created a family book blog, The Lateiner Gang Family Book Review Spot, in July 2009.  Although Dave is the main contributor, all four family members are active on the blog, writing reviews of books they’ve read.  The family only writes good reviews, preferring to share comments about books they love to generate a positive outlook.

According to the, the Lateiners have reviewed 27 books across a variety of genres such as fiction, fantasy, and cookbooks for different ages.  Of course, even the “Twilight” series by Stephenie Meyer has made the blog.  Since their launch, the blog has attracted close to 600 followers, some “as far off as Mauritius, Estonia and Bangladesh.” (  Publishers also send review copies to the family for review and have already been invited to BookExpo America for this year.

The blog is also interactive, with the Lateiners running contests to give away signed copies of books and Nooks, the e-reader created by Barnes & Noble.

In a society where television and movies still reign, take a page out of the Lateiners’s book blog and rediscover your love for the printed word!

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