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Katie Couric has a way of making anything sound upbeat and inspirational. Her @KatieCouric page at CBS news is home to one on one wed interviews between Couric and newsmakers.

In this interview, she talks with Twitter co-founder Biz Stone about the rise of the popular social-networking service, Twitter. And also about Twitter’s new (controversial) advertising platform.

The story of how the phenominon of the 140 character communications and micro-blogging came into being is nothing short of fascinating. They also talk about why he passed up a 500-million-dollar offer to sell Twitter.

Twitter has grown into a worldwide phenominon that has linked people across the globe. From celebrities like Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher, to the people of Iran and Haiti “tweeting” to inform people during unfolding tragedies, Twitter has changed the world of communication.

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