Would you be willing to give your kidney to save the life of a complete stranger?

Five people (4 women, 1 man) in Chicago are doing just that–donating one of their kidneys to potentially save the lives of over a dozen people who need transplants.

These “Good Samaritan organ donors” are part of a series of kidney transplant chains where people with the desire and the heart to donate their kidneys, whether to friends, family, or strangers, inspire other people to donate their kidneys.  The donated kidneys are then matched with people who have the same blood type and who need them the most.

According to the National Kidney Registry, three more chains may result from these five donors in Chicago and a total of 17 chains have been launched nationally.  Six transplants have already happened while 112 more have been scheduled.

This unusual and unorthodox way of paying it forward will certainly help save lives and connect people together in meaningful ways.

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