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Happy Pet Owners Day! Pay homage to your cuddly ones with our pet quizzes, photo features, stories and more. Visit our Pets Page. cute-puppies.jpgMore features for your enjoyment:


1. Read Eckhart Tolle’s animal quotes on “our guardians of being


2. What do YOU know about dogs and religion? Take our quiz and find out.


3. What do YOU Know about cats and religion? Take our quiz and find out.


4. “I love cats because I love my home and after a while they become its visible soul.” – Jean Cocteau. See our cat quotes.

5. Have you ever lost a pet? In honor of Pet Owner’s Day here are meditations to help live through your pet loss.


6. 626 Adorable Ways to Say Happy Pet Owners Day!  View the gallery.


7. You’ve never seen puppy love like this!  View the adorable slideshow.


8. No, you’re not seeing double.  Check out these cute kids and their look-alike pets!


9. Enjoy a Laugh on Pet Owners Day!  Check out hundreds of adorable animals.

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