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One french fry brought two women together.

While driving on the highway in Liberty Township, Ohio, Amanda Mountel found herself in a desperate situation–she began choking on a french fry she was eating.

Immediately, Mountel “slammed on the brakes, threw it into park, and flagged down help,” by using the international sign for choking (  A few cars drove by without stopping to help, but Amber Whitehouse, who learned First Aid about 12 years ago, came to Mountel’s rescue.

“I could see immediately that she was in real danger…I just had to help her,” Whitehouse said (

Still in shock, Mountel didn’t catch Whitehouse’s name, but they eventually found each other and reconnected through emails and Facebook.  Both women, mothers of young toddlers, even discovered their husbands went to the same high school. 

Now good friends, Mountel and Whitehouse will always be bound by a life-changing experience. 

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