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Courage can be found in all ages.

When three robbers, two with guns, forced their way into the home of a couple with two children in Norwalk, CA, 7-year-old Carlos grabbed his 6-year-old sister and a cell phone and then locked themselves in the bathroom.

Carlos then called 911 and told dispatch his parents were being held by robbers with guns and they needed help. 

In the recorded conversation, Carlos said, “‘There’s some guy. He’s gonna kill my mom and dad. Can you come? …Bring soldiers, too!” (

The gunmen eventually forced their way into the bathroom while Carlos was still on the phone and began demanding who he had called.  When they found out police were on their way and a cop car was approaching, the gunmen quickly fled the scene in a car.  No one was physically injured  and nothing was taken.  The police are still tracking down the robbers and figuring out whether the robbery had been random or planned.

There’s no doubt, though, that the quick thinking and bravery of one young boy saved his family.

Watch a video of an ABCNews report:

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