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The residents in two different Ohio towns are being blessed by two special snow angels.

In the village of  Dolyeston, Mayor Terry Lindeman drives a tractor through the streets, sometimes after work, to clear sidewalks and driveways for those unable to do so on their own.  “My thing is, there’s a lot of individuals who don’t have time or can’t clear their own snow…I try to open up as many driveways as possible. It gives me something to do and I enjoy myself,” Lindeman said (

Refusing payment of any kind, Lindeman gives credit to other residents who also help contantly to clear the village streets of snow: “A lot of citizens help out with more than their own driveway.” (

In the city of Circleville, local resident Don Dountz drives a customized four-wheeler through the streets to clear driveways.  After purchasing his vehicle a few years ago, he attached a blade and decided to help his neighbors during snow season.  “Don is a great neighbor…Neighborhoods are more than places and buildings.  It’s about people helping people.  It’s what’s in the heart,” praised one of Dountz’s neighbors.(

Even small acts of kindnesses by good samaritans can have a big, lasting impact.  Do you have neighbors who have helped you in a significant way?

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