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It is difficult to consider anything related to child abuse as “good news” but the recent report stating that it is down by 26 percent is the best news we have had on that front for a while.

Jeanne Sager of StrollerDerby reports on the recent study today:

“Introduced in the fourth report of the National Incidence Study of Child Abuse and Neglect, the statistics provided to Congress by the Department of Health and Human Services show a twenty-six percent decrease in the number of kids who suffered physical, sexual or emotional abuse in 2005-06 compared to those who were traumatized in 1993.”

“Sex abuse on kids alone dipped thirty-eight percent in that period, while physical abuse was down fifteen percent, emotional abuse down by twenty-seven percent.”

Sadly, the study still showed nearly half a million American kids suffered abuse in the year studied. Read more on her blog.



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