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Whether you are still raising rug rats or your kids are fully grown, with kids of their own, we all have something to say about being a parent.
NBC, Ron Howard and Brian Glazer just launched “The Parenthood Project,” a wonderful multimedia opportunity for parents from all walks of life to share our thoughts on parenting–the ups, the downs, all of it!
Here’s the best part: Through the end of February, you get to share your parenthood tale with the world on a designated NBC website. And for every submission, a donation of $20 will be made to Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s Family Strengthening Initiative, which provides resources to improve the lives of children, parents and the community. So get ready to share your submission soon, it’s for a great cause!
At the video link below, the ever-likable Ron Howard (bet he is a great dad!) explains The Parenthood Project and encourages people to post their own stories, photos and videos that complete the statement, “Parenthood is…”
Click to see Ron Howard Video.
You can submit photos, videos and text. Some of the recent text submissions include:
*Parenthood is when your children’s’ hopes and dreams become your hopes and dreams.
*Parenthood is keeping them close so they can quietly grow wings to fly on their own.
*Parenthood is both difficult and rewarding at the same time.
And here’s mine: “Parenhood is being there through all ages. At the moment, it means listening lovingly to my son’s ongoing process of trying to figure out if the gal he has his eye on in college is actually interested in him as a friend, or, perhaps, as “more than a friend.”
The Parenthood Project is a unique partnership between NBC and Boys & Girls Clubs of America. The goal is to celebrate and showcase the many facets of family life, so let them know what parenthood means to you.
The project is launching conjunction with the new Ron Howard and Brian Glazer series “Parenthood”, coming to NBC in March. I laughed and cried at this preview video.
Also fun, you can see videos of the stars of the series, including Lauren Graham, and other celebrities, speaking on “Parenhood Is…”

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