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Read about the American Psychologist and Catholic Priest who brought emotional first aid and comfort to Haiti in her article for Beliefnet and in her Hope for Haiti blog posts See more of Dr. Judy’s photos from Haiti.


As Dr. Judy Kuriansky points out, we have to remember Haiti even when it is no longer in the news. Since the return from Haiti,  she and Father Wismick have continued their work to help the Haitians.



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In fact, Dr. Judy and Father Wismick will receive an award from Orphans International Worldwide at an event at Webster Hall in Manhattan on February 28, and will be making another trip, to oversee the sustainability of the comfort program and build on it with other professionals in the field.


“As time marches on and the media cameras leave, we know we must continue to rally around the Haitians,” she says. “We are getting in touch with a large consortium of health and mental health professionals to develop ongoing mental health support for the Haitian Diaspora and people in Haiti.” 


She also tells us that representatives from the UN and others are offering networking and a seminar on mental health for French and Creole speaking mental health workers on Feb 12 at Brooklyn College, through the Psychosocial Network. Visit the site for more information.


“We have also followed the multi-stakeholder model of organizing humanitarian aid, in meeting with the Haitian Ambassador to the UN and Special Envoy of Haiti to the UN (President Clinton’s counterpart, in his role as Special Envoy from the UN to Haiti) and his assistants, coordinating with student groups,” she says. “Father Wismick and I have kept in touch with our entire network in Haiti at the church, hospital, and elsewhere, supervising and also sending cash through the nuns there and via Haitians who are going there.”


Visit Dr. Judy’s website.

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