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Everyone in New York City remembers Wesley Autrey, the “Subway Hero” or “Subway Superman.” who jumped onto the subway tracks in Harlem to save a 19-year-old student who had fallen off the platform. 

Another “Subway Hero,” 23-year-old Lance McGraw, rescued a young woman in Brooklyn recently. A student at Parsons School of Design, 18-year-old Rosie Rittenberry fainted and fell onto the tracks. When no one else made a move to help Rittenberry, McGraw, a Michigan native who works in advertising, made a split second decision to jump onto the tracks in front of an oncoming train.  He lifted the unconscious Rittenberry back onto the platform.

While Rittenberry regained consciousness, McGraw continued on his way and rode the subway to work.

The best part of this true story? Rittenberry and McGraw live only one block from each other in Brooklyn and will be keeping in touch.  The two were reunited for the first time on national television.  Watch the Fox News clip below: 

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