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While some people can’t get enough of negative news there is a growing trend in positive news coverage, prompting Newsweek to cover the good news beat. 

090317_lede_Luck.jpg“Is the glut of bad news getting you down?” asks journalist Daniel Brown, in the Newsweek web article, “The Growing Hunger for Positive News Stories.”

“Not me,” he writes. “I’ve tapped into the growing number of outlets that produce nothing but positive stories–and I’m never going back.”

Beliefnet has been in the business of inspiring people for 10 years and we have always served up good tidings and a positive spin on life. Our new blog, The Inspiration Report, gives us a chance to bring you a steady flow of inspiring news.

Nice to know that positive news reportage is more in fashion these days, with good and happy news sites popping up around the web.

“The best reason to get a healthy dose of good news is that it’s good for you,” writes Brown.

“Studies show that a calm and optimistic mind can have health benefits, like lower blood pressure and deeper sleep. Which explains why it’s not just me; good news is a pretty hot commodity these days. Of course it’s impossible to find a positive spin on every bit of depressing information that comes across on the cable-news crawl. But organizations that dish up unreported or unnoticed positive stories are becoming hot commodities.

“The Growing Hunger for Positive News–Selling the Silver Lining” was published online on Newsweek in March 2009.


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