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Thanks to Inspiration Report reader Marie Ennis-O’Connor for tipping us off to “Good News Friday.”

This was the first of what is hoped to be an annual event, initiated by pr/marketing company in Ireland to try to make good news fashionable.

It happened last Friday, January 22, known as one of the most depressing days of the year–when New Year’s Resolutions start to fade, Christmas credit card bills start showing up and winter gloom seems to be in the air.

We spoke with Alison Treacy, an account assistant who worked on this good news campaign. She said that on that day people were allowed to use her company’s service for free, as long as the press releases sent out were about good news stories. Media around Ireland were encouraged to participate in some way. Between the people covering the inspiring news and the people creating and supplying it, a good news virus swept Ireland and was heard of in many parts of the world.


Beliefnet: What was the intention of this campaign?

Alison: There was a definite feeling that the Irish media had become excessively bogged down with doom and gloom. The constant crime mentions, the tribunals, the recession, job losses, church scandal, etc. So my boss, Jack Murray, had the idea that for one day we would flood the media with some positive news and try to redress the balance and send out some optimism.


What were some of the inspiring stories that went out on the wire.

All of the news stories on our site available here. Those posted on the 21st or 22nd of January are from releases that came through our website especially one with titles prefixed with GNF. You can have a look and take your pick!


How many news releases were sent?

Through us, just over two hundred releases went out. Indirectly is harder to measure, as we encouraged participants to stitch in a Good News Friday line if they chose not to go through our website.


How Many People participated?

It’s difficult to measure. Our facebook fan page had over three hundred fans. Countless people on Twitter were spreading good news and getting into the spirit of it (search #gnf). Then numerous local and national radio stations got on board, interviewed Jack about it and did features on the day. We were also in the Examiner and the Independent, two national newspapers, when we initially launched the idea. 

Just goes to show you how a good news virus gets started.


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