Angie Aparo is one of the most sadly overlooked artists of the 2000s, seeing success only when Faith Hill made his song “Cry” a hit.  This song is one of his most inspirational, channeling the relief that comes from living life and loving others with no boundaries.

Hey wouldn’t you wanna know
Everywhere that river flows to right now
I can show you how
’cause someday you might wanna go
Someday you got nothing to show
For all your pain
For all your chains
I ain’t saying it’s the only way
But wouldn’t you like to know

How if feels to live
Like a free man
To give
When there’s nothing in your hand
Run like only the river can
Like a free man

You’ve only so many roads to choose
Sooner or later the ones you use
They all look the same
Someday you might feel the need
Someday when you’re tired of bleeding
For someone else
You’re gonna want it for yourself
I ain’t saying it’s the only way
But wouldn’t you like to know

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