Inspirational Song of the Week
July 2011 Archives

Hit “Like” to share with your friends! Katy Perry may attract her fair share of controversy, but it is impossible to deny the positivity of this anthem.  It is all about accepting yourself no matter what anyone else says, and […]

Hit “like” to share this with your friends! This 1972 #1 hit was the lone stand-out from Johnny Nash.  It was popularly remade for the inspirational Disney film Cool Runnings.  The song, while fun and upbeat, is all about clarity […]

U2 is no stranger to inspirational hits, and this classic is a tribute to the mystery of love, life, and community.  The video, wild as it is, is an interesting reflection on the power of the song. I wanna run […]

Hit “Like” to share this with your friends! This smooth oldie celebrates one of the greatest parts of life – friendship.  The song was a top ten hit twice – when it was originally released in 1961 and when it […]

The Inspirational Song of the Week is Beliefnet’s newest feature!  Each week our music editor will select a song to inspire and encourage you as you go throughout your week.  It is our hope that you will enjoy the songs […]