Idol Chatter

Jet Li’s “Fearless,” opening today and based on a true story, is a film about finding yourself. Jet Li’s character, Han Yaunjia, has one goal in life: to be the best fighter. And throughout the first half of the movie …Read More

With the TV season back in gear, how about a tribute to American’s favorite television Christian?

Both Kris and Doug, in their own separate ways, downplay the controversy over ABC’s “The Path to 9/11” miniseries. Maybe it’s just that, unlike them, I am a stereotypical East Coast liberal, but I can’t dismiss Democrats’ complaints over the …Read More

Baby Suri is finally making her public debut. Check it out (and get to see a bit of Katie Couric on her debut day):

In eschewing the usual “thank you to everyone I’ve ever come into contact with” speech at the Emmy’s last night, “My Name Is Earl” writer Greg Garcia decided to enumerate those for whom he did not feel any gratitude. Among …Read More

Last night on The Colbert Report, host Stephen Colbert–in his phony pundit persona, of course– mentioned that he’d visited (where he goes, he said, “after sinning on other sites”) and found our Atheists in Foxholes article by Rebecca Phillips. …Read More

I emailed with Liz Rosenberg, Madonna’s longtime publicist, seeking comment from the Material Girl about the brouhaha concerning her on-stage crucifixion. Here’s what she (Rosenberg, not, alas, Madonna herself) had to say about the act that has German authorities reportedly …Read More

Before we get a glimpse of Madonna in handcuffs for her on-stage mock-crucifixion scene–German authorities are threatening prosecution for mocking religion–take a look at the offending scene and judge for yourselves: