Idol Chatter

Back in November, I wrote about the developing friendship between two Christians on The Real World: Denver—Davis the Southern Baptist homosexual and Stephen the conservative Christian. Their discord was due to Davis’ homosexuality which Stephen deemed reprehensible for a Christian. …Read More

We’ve all waxed poetic about Imus, his apology and his punishment, but now it’s time to get down to business. This isn’t about the shocking nature of Imus’s comment–whether it is racist or sexist–it is about morality. During one of …Read More

On the April 4th edition of MSNBC’s “Imus In the Morning,” Don Imus fired the shot heard ’round the world when he called the Rutger’s women’s basketball team “Nappy-Headed Ho’s.” He laughed after he said it, and if you listen …Read More

I always dreamed of the day when a Hollywood director would have the courage to transform a biblical disaster story into a big screen blockbuster. I thought my dream had come true when I saw the posters for “The Reaping,” …Read More

Tongues. Some are given the gift of speaking, some of interpreting, and others have only heard the gift. Having heard the gift, I count it a blessing to witness the Holy Spirit fall upon someone in such a manner that …Read More

In “Premonition,” creaky stairs, dramatic music, and strange spiritual overtones try to create scares where there are none. This technique proves particularly weary in a church scene that has Sandra Bullock’s Linda Hansen seeking advice from a priest who, huddled …Read More

“Dear father, I pray that you would bless and protect Britney Spears wherever she may be. May you lead her back into a right relationship with you. And help her to remember that you are the friend that sticks closer …Read More

Finally, Madea goes on vacation and we get to see what kind of work Tyler Perry does when he stays behind the scenes. The results are magical, as depicted in his latest film, “Daddy’s Little Girls.” The story follows Monty …Read More

Before seeing the movie “Amazing Grace,” I didn’t know who William Wilberforce was. I had no idea that the namesake of Wilberforce University, the nation’s first historically black college, was a British man who fought long and hard for the …Read More

Philip Yancey, author of “Where Is God When It Hurts?”, once said that if the church was more present in this world and attending to its pain, people would be asking the question that is the title of his book …Read More