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“Blue Bloods” star Donnie Wahlberg recently opened up about his close relationship with co-star Tom Selleck. The pair has worked together for over 14 years and Wahlberg admitted that their relationship has grown deeper than just co-stars. “Tom Selleck, I call him Dad,” he told Fox News. “At first he was kind of a little thrown by it for the first season or two, he’d be like, ‘Oh, hey, Donnie.’ Now it’s like, we’ve gotten so close.” Wahlberg explained that Selleck has now joined in on the father-son dynamic and has started calling him “son.” “He’s literally like, ‘Oh, hey, son, how are you doing today?’” Wahlberg said. “It’s like we’ve just become a real family, and it’s going to be a lot to not be with [them] anymore, but I’m sure we’ll stay connected after the cameras aren’t rolling.” Wahlberg and Selleck star in the longtime crime drama “Blue Bloods.” The show is set to air their final season with the first 10 episodes being released this month while the rest of the season will be released in the fall.

Over the years, not just Wahlberg and Selleck have formed a close bond while starring in the show. Wahlberg revealed that the entire cast has become a “real family.” “The cast and the crew – there’s something about coming to work every day in New York with this crew that we have, many of whom have been here for the entire 14 years,” Wahlberg said. “They’re just incredible to work with. The cast is phenomenal. They’re like a real family.” The dinner scenes that are shown in “Blue Bloods” not only mean a lot to the viewers, but also to the entire cast. “Those dinner scenes that mean so much to the viewers actually mean a lot to the cast as well,” he said. “Sitting down with the cast every week, it’s like the family gets together once a week to catch up, to talk about things, to talk about what’s going on in their lives, what’s going on in the world, and the cast of the show gets to do the same thing.”

Wahlberg opened up about how great of an experience it was working with an actor like Tom Selleck. “Tom, you know, in many ways, he is an icon. First of all, you know, when you think about television and how many people have had two series – two TV series – with this level of success, there were very few people in television history who have had two long-running, majorly successful television shows,” Wahlberg said. “You can count them probably on one hand, and Tom Selleck is one of them.”

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