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Actor and comedian Rob Schneider celebrated more than just his birthday this past Halloween. He began a long post on X by acknowledging his “wonderful partner in life,” his wife Patricia, and his three daughters. Schneider has been married to Patricia since 2011, and the couple have two daughters, Miranda and Madeline. Schneider’s oldest daughter, Elle King, is from his previous marriage with London King. After thanking his family, Schneider reflected on what it meant to grow older. “Today, I am reminded of what Dr. M Scott Peck told me over 30 years ago: At 40, you feel like you can conquer the world, and there’s a sense that nothing can stop you. But at 60, you realize the very real fragility of life and the temporariness of it all. A humbling knowledge that there is indeed a time limit for all things and that God’s design, though perfect, is precious far beyond its brevity,” he wrote. He then went on to encourage all his followers to “Be in [life.]” 

As his reflections continued, Schneider went on to reveal he was a recent convert to Catholicism. “…as I am a new convert to Catholicism, I offer my apology for my lack of Christ’s forgiveness to my fellow man,” he said. He went on to list a number of unnamed people he had clashed with in the past. “I was so angry at the people who shut down schools and indeed the world…” he wrote. The list included actors and other people in Hollywood who had been critical of other actors and those in show business who refused the COVID vaccine or to wear masks. Schneider has been very vocal about his opposition to COVID-19 shutdowns, gaining him favor in conservative circles. Schneider said he wanted to offer his “unconditional forgiveness and amnesty.” “I am humbled by the example of my mother, Pilar, and how she was able to forgive the WW2 occupiers of her Philippines who killed both her brothers,” he went on. Schneider concluded his post with, “At last, it is forgiveness itself that is the gift that we give ourselves because it frees us as Christ intends for all of us to be free. For His gift of ultimate and unlimited forgiveness is indeed the gift for all humanity.” Schneider comes from a Jewish and Catholic family but appears to have embraced his Catholic heritage. 

Not everyone was impressed by Schneider’s post. Writing for Cracked, Keegan Kelly called it an “unhinged rant.” “Typically, a Catholic confession focuses on the sins of the individual, but with his 1.6 million Twitter followers serving as the perplexed priest on the other side of the booth, Schneider took on a more Southern Baptist approach to addressing the sins of his many lefty oppressors,” Kelly stated. However, the responses on X were more positive. “You beautifully communicated the love of God! Welcome to the Catholic Church!” wrote Catholic scholar Jeff Cavins. “Hope we can meet sometime for some great fellowship! Happy Birthday!”

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