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Megyn Kelly recently had harsh words against Kim Kardashian during a recent episode of “The Megyn Kelly Podcast” on Sirius XM. Kelly was discussing the reality TV star’s recent episode with Jason Whitlock, where a DMV stayed open late so that Kardashian could take glam shots for her driver’s license. “I can’t stand her for all sorts of reasons. And I feel like this incident…embodies exactly why I can’t stand this woman,” she said. She noted that her feelings were “not personal.” “I don’t think she’s evil; I just hate what she represents,” said Kelly. She stated that Kardashian is “all about appearances.” “That’s her contribution to the world. I’m not saying it’s bad, but that’s where she’s making her money – looking at herself and encouraging young girls in America and around the world to look at themselves and have other people look at them instead of listening to them. Because when you listen for 20 seconds, you’re revolted at the banal emptiness that is the shell of that woman.” She criticized Kardashian’s SKIMS shapewear brand, saying it is “all about sucking in your fat so you can look better.” She also dismissed Kardashian’s attempts to get a law degree, saying that Kardashian is “about vapid vanity.”

Whitlock agreed with Kelly’s assessment, stating that although Kardashian is physically attractive, her obsession with looks is a mental illness. “This is a mental illness to be this obsessed with your driver’s license photo and your appearance at all times, and then you think about it: how often does Kim Kardashian drive?” he asked. While being glammed up for her driver’s license photo in the episode, Kardashian took two photos, approving the second one as “First is the worst, second is the best.” A hairstylist during the episode, Chris Appleton, insisted on the importance of a good license photo because “Too many people live with driving licenses which are not cute, so we need to make sure it’s right.”

Kelly had previously criticized Kardashian, stating she believed Kardashian encourages young women to get plastic surgery. When asked to respond to Kelly’s criticism of her, Kardashian responded, “I don’t know who that is.” “Everyone has an opinion,” she said. “I don’t go around promoting anything,” she added, saying that she wants people to be happy with themselves and that they should “do whatever makes [them] happy.” Kardashian’s mother, Kris Jenner, stated she believed her daughter encourages people to have “a great healthy family life and have lots of babies.” Kardashian is a mother of four, with her oldest, North West, recently appearing on TikTok with her mother and sporting a designer bag worth thousands of dollars

Lauren Greenfield, director of 2021’s “Generation Wealth,” criticized the Kardashians’ effect on the American psyche in her article “The Dangerous Kardashian Effect and the Profound Impact of the Superficial.” She stated that Kardashian “commodified” women. “As Kim Kardashian demonstrated when she took a page from her friend Paris and launched her career with a sex tape, women’s bodies are valuable commodities that can be leveraged for fame and fortune. The ‘body projects’ many women are driven to embark on our tragic case studies in the commodification of human beings and the ultimate cost of our transactional culture.” She stated that the materialism of the Kardashians encouraged the “constant quest for more.” “The constant quest for more makes us sacrifice the things that actually matter: family, community, well-being. If we stay on this path, our future is unsustainable: our environment, our relationships, our souls will suffer,” she wrote. 

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