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“American Idol” season 21 runner-up Megan Danielle shot down rumors that the competition show’s finale was rigged. Danielle spoke to the New York Post about the claims that the show was manipulated after she came in second place to Iam Tongi.

The 21-year-old singer said, “I would say that it isn’t just because, you know, I feel like God made all of this happen for a reason. Even if I was first, second, last, whatever, I feel like any of us deserved it.” She also congratulated Tongi on winning the competition, refuting claims that he won sympathy votes because his father recently passed away.

She said, “I feel like Iam was deserving, and he’s so humble and so talented. And this was his time, and I’m just super proud of him.” reported that Danielle took to social media to thank her supporters as she looked back on her life up to this point.

She wrote on Facebook, “Just wanted to come on and say THANK YOU ALL! I couldn’t be more proud of myself for how far I’ve come! From being a little girl who never believed in herself to now knowing I can be the ONE PERSON to touch lives and share the love of Jesus. What a blessing.” She continued, “Iam Tongi deserved every bit of this! Season 21 RUNNER-UP! Thank you, God.”

Before joining American Idol, Danielle sang in bars with her band until her late grandfather encouraged her to switch to Christian music. During the Idol season finale, Danielle sang Journey’s “Faithfully.”

According to the New York Post, Danielle said an image of her late grandfather was projected on the screen, bringing her to tears ahead of her performance. It was edited out of the final episode.

“Watching my grandpa on the screen, I know he’s proud of me,” she told the New York Post. In her pursuit of a musical career, Danielle also quit working as a server at a restaurant with her mother. “I think this is a time when God has wanted me to wait on some opportunities coming my way. So I’m just trying to be patient.”

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