Justin Bieber burst into the music world as a tween icon, winning over the hearts of fans worldwide. His concerts are filled with young, adoring fans, and he’s remained popular since his debut. However, he’s currently battling a terrible disease.

Bieber revealed a shocking diagnosis in a video shared on Friday on social media. He explained that he’d been diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt Syndrome, which has left the right side of his face paralyzed, affecting a nerve in his ear. Mount Sinai says Ramsay Hunt Syndrome is “a painful rash around the ear, on the face, or mouth. It occurs when the varicella-zoster virus infects a nerve in the head.”

Bieber shared his diagnosis in a nearly 3-minute video, explaining it and revealing that it’s why he’s had to cancel upcoming performances. He also ensured that he’s “gonna get better” but needs time to rest moving forward. As visible in the video, Justin cannot blink one of his eyes and only smiles with one side of his mouth.

While JB apologizes to fans for missing the recent shows, he says the whole thing is “pretty serious” and that he’ll need to take an undetermined amount of time off to work on getting healthy. He says he’s been doing facial exercises and that with work, everything will get back to normal — it’s just not clear how long that’ll take.


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In the video, Bieber says, “I’ll be using this time to just rest and relax, and get back to 100% so that I can do what I was born to do. But in the meantime, this ain’t it. I gotta go get my rest on so that I can get my face back to where it’s supposed to be. I love you guys. Thanks for being patient with me. I’m gonna get better. I’m doing all these facial exercises to get my face back to normal, and it will go back to normal. It’s just time. We don’t know how much time it’s gonna be, but it’s gonna be OK. I have hope, and I trust God, and I trust that this is all gonna — it’s all for a reason. I’m not sure what that is right now, but in the meantime, I’m gonna rest. I love you guys. Peace.”

Previously, Bieber shared that he had to postpone some shows due to a “non-COVID” illness, but this announcement is the first time he shared the condition. His fans in Toronto were particularly upset about the show cancellations, as one fan posted a video on TikTok throwing debris at his tour bus. Postponements and show cancellations can be frustrating for fans. They spend their hard-earned money on a ticket to see their favorite artist, and the show is canceled hours before it begins.

However, fans should also empathize with Bieber. He’s dealing with a condition that he has no control over. If he could honor his tour dates, he would. Unfortunately, he’s unable to perform. Once he gets better, there’s no question that Bieber will be right back on the road. While he’s on the road to recovery, let’s keep Justin Bieber in our prayers and pray for a speedy recovery.

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